About Me

Thanks for arriving at my page! Clearly you have in interest in human rights and social justice, otherwise what are you doing here?! If you don’t, please stay! But this is probably a good opportunity to introduce this blog.

I started this page to share my journey from a run-of-the-mill American white kid into a full-fledged activist for social justice. And who am I? Good question! My name is Corey, I’m 23 years old and I’m originally from Kansas.

I didn’t expect to find myself on this path. Before college I was just a guy who loved his Xbox and Mountain Dew. But college did something to me, and perhaps it’s the climate of today’s campuses that fueled my transformation into someone who actually cared about human issues.

I used to look down on social justice activists. I used to call them self-righteous or living in a fantasy world. But now I realize how naïve I was, and deep down how guilty I felt that I wasn’t contributing to this world.

In this blog you’ll witness my step-by-step journey from childhood into adulthood. I will share with you my thoughts on global affairs and where I stand on many of the hot topics dominating campus culture at the moment.

In particular, I have a lot to say about the Palestinian issue. That’s because I became a specific activist for their cause in my second year of college. But I’ll also be exploring many other issues including Black Lives Matter, Islamophobia, LGBTQ rights, and minority treatment in America.

In an age like today, when America’s public are constantly lied to by politicians and are scared, it’s more important than ever to spread a relatable message of social justice to fight the fascism that is taking over.

I plan on posting an article every few days, and I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I have.